by Dave Bak

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released May 8, 2012



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Dave Bak Pennsylvania

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Track Name: Reaching out feat. Decipher and Jason Min
Hook (Jason Min):
This is what it feels like
I need to be someone else
You think that you know me but
I'm not who you think I am

Vs. 1 (Dave Bak)
I say I sing for Jesus
You hear me sing it loud
You see me lift my hands
Like a sinner reaching out
You see me close my eyes
You say, "Surely He loves His God"
But you don't see all the struggles that I now fight inside
Too many times I wanna just throw in the towel
Wanna just call it all quits, wanna just all break it down
I got voices in my head, straight up screaming out
"God knows the way you're rapping ain't the way you're living out
I suppose God loved you enough to get you this far
But look ahead and see how much farther your other brothers are
Look ahead and see how much more God has blessed your sisters
Do you now get the picture? Did you think that He was with ya?
Did you think that He would fit you in His plan, little man?
Look at your Christian walk! You can barely stand!
Take a look at all your flaws, you are an accident!"
Lord I quit, this is it, I'm reaching out for your hand

Vs. 2 (Decipher)
For He so loved the world He gave His only son to them
They say they drowning in His grace, am I the only one to swim?
The lonely son of sin... Father, forgive me
Got to be kidding, he don't care, probably forget me
Another Sunday morning, these people don't want me here
So they stare, like their Lord is only theirs, it's only fair
I look at them like pain is only mine
Waiting for a sign, praying for a fire, raining all the time
I get lost, don't know where to go, too proud to ask for help
And no ones ever by my side so now I'm bound to crash myself
And I can talk as tough as I want, no one's down to pass through Hell
So I open my ears to hear him out but now the pastor tells
me I aint listening...
No, you aint saying nothing
You say he's comin back? what if it's too late to love him?
Another man goes to Heaven, another sinner's born
Say He died for my sins, how come I'm living for them?
Help me understand.

Vs. 3 (Dave Bak)
Lord when these voices get too loud
Up here in my head
Lord would you close my mouth
And let your words speak instead?
Lord take the mic
Romans 8, Paul now writes
For I am now convinced
That neither death
Neither life
Neither angels
Neither demons
Nothing can come in between us
No ruler, no law, no time, no season
Nothing from the present
Nor anything you have done
Nothing from your future life
Nor anything to ever come
No power, no height, no depth, noone
Will separate us from the love of God found in His son (Romans 8:37-39)
I, the Lord, shall come near when you call me
I shall tell you not to fear
I, the LORD, shall take your case
I, the reedemer, am now here (Lam. 3:57-58)
Lord help me persevere, Lord make my heart renewed
Don't let emotions dictate the real truth that I see in you
I can now hold Mark 1:11 as my truth
"You are my son, whom I love. I am pleased with you"
Track Name: Winter Storm feat. Sarah So
Vs. 1
I once knew of a sister
Her first name was Mellissa
She grew up in a broken home; shattered family pictures
She could never get herself to believe
That a God was with her
For where was He, when her daddy used to beat and kick her
Her mother gone, her brains blown
Been strung out for so long
What people call a rehab center, she would now call “home”
So Mellisa, barely grown
Walked on her lonely road
Always surrounded by people but always felt so alone
So she turned to the devils house, let him rip her life apart
Figured if he took her soul, she could finally find her heart
Thinking if she gave him love; that he would do the same for her
That he would call her beautiful; that he would give a name for her
That he would be there for her; promising to give himself
But all he did was use her up, poisoning what she once felt
Taking what he only wanted, leaving the rest down the drain
Covering up her nakedness with her own regrets and shame
I write this for that little girl who’s dying to cry out tonight
Who doesn’t see this as a song, but a mirror to her life
Who’s walking through her winter storm wanting to cry
“worse than death is to live life wanting do die”

Winter’s never felt so cold
Stories of a life untold
I’ve never felt more alone than this season
I’m crying out to you Lord
Tell me what this life is for
You said that I’m more loved than I know
Guide me through this storm
Through this winter storm
Through this winter storm
Through this winter storm

Vs. 2
I once knew of a brother
Too young to be a man
Too small to hold his own, way too naïve to understand
To have to give up his dreams, to have to fold his hand
To provide for a family now looking up to Him
So he made a plan and dropped right out of school
Entered the school of hard knocks and learned every rule
He graduated as an O.G. right at the top
And got his first real job out of school selling dope on the block
He hit the streets hard and got his products flipped
The streets his pharmacy and He as the pharmacist
A gun by his waist to blast life’s troubles away
Watching the streets tattoo tears down his face
Pastors trying to reach His soul
Preaching that Jesus cares
But He never came to church; He never saw Jesus there
Whole family up in prayer, words from his only son
Asking God to forgive all the sins that His father’s done
I write this for the man who’s screaming out from His lungs
Who’s searching through his present to find exactly where he came from
Who can’t escape his sins no matter how far he runs
Looking at himself in the mirror to see the monster that he’s become
Track Name: Paralyzed
Vs. 1
The walls that now guard
The scars from our love
Reminds me that I loved you too much

Though selfish to say
It hurts to see you so damn free
How do you still break my heart
When you’re not even here with me

So how do I stop myself
From loving you the way I do
It’s not that I want to stay here
But I can’t get myself to move

Vs. 2
Though I’ve locked you out
I’ll stand by the door
Gripping this tainted heart
This heart that has always been yours

I know we’ve made peace
In the best ways that we could
But I keep revisiting the places we promised to leave for good

So how do I stop myself
From loving you the way I do
It’s not that I want to stay here
But I can’t get myself to move
Track Name: Compromise feat. Manifest and Lyricks
Vs 1 (Dave Bak)
Feeling like I’m living in a prison of my own ambition
Do I do this for myself or do I speak for those who listen?
Do I do this music to prove to myself that I am more?
Could I do this music if I never received your applause?
What is it that makes me write this music to expose all my flaws?
Is it to expose myself or to expose Christ to yall?
Why do I hate so much to be labeled as a Christian artist?
Shouldn’t I be proud to rep all the good works that God has started?
Shouldn’t I desire to glorify my loving savior?
But I rather talk about myself and about Jesus later
I rather be like Peter following Him at a distance
Hiding myself under the shades of a Sunday going Christian
When the world exposes me and asks me just who I am
I look straight up at Jesus and say, “Surely I don’t know the man
The supposed Savior, the prophet these people state as Lord
Take a close look at my life! I never seen the man before!”
And that’s when I hear the rooster crow
That’s when I hear the rooster crow
That’s when I hear the rooster crow
That’s when I hear the rooster crow

How much have I
Compromised, compromised?
But better yet
Oh what have I
Not compromised, not compromised?

Vs. 2 (Manifest)
Nevermind the sound of my vocals, hoping you're hearing the voice of my heart now
Been doin this so long, that I've mastered pretending that everything's all smiles
But it aint though, sometimes forgot what i came for
When I know my God shouldn't take "no"
For an answer, turning to pleasures and living unfaithful
If the Lord aint everything then he's not anything
Shouldn't be embarrassing,
I’m a child of my God but live the same as the perishing
Strip away my so called "status", if i'm using it for my advantage
Keep playin' around with this God thing then to which kingdom do I bring that much damage?
'04 receiving this platform knowing exactly it's He that I rap for
Learned to drop seeds in a rap form, then it got easy to plateau,
Started getting weak falling deep in a blackhole
Misplaced the King.. like I only needed the Nat Cole
You know how that goes
Now my heart really needs that heat man it's that cold
I'm a two-face. is it too late? Everyday man I fall like I'm loose change
So all about looks I don't mind that I'm living in the gray, as long as it's cool gray
I'm indifferent, and I'm ignorant.. but Lord if you're listening
Destroy this predicament, once again God make me your instrument and I'm asking…
How much have I
Compromised, compromised?
But better yet
Oh what have I
Not compromised, not compromised?

Vs. 3 (Lyricks)
Right off the bat, from the start: I could sense disappointment,
Here comes the man who forgot the mission and the reason of his own deployment
His talks of God got avoided. He fell for the worldly enjoyment,
The Word doesn't matter, what matters to him is the power of herb and how fatty the joint is.
Given the fact: he's anointed, and that he raps on a Nuemann,
if he's not spittin the truth and lacks love than all of his raps become annoying,
Hiphop is small, it's more than it. I forgot i'm not talking, I'm recording it.
I got the ears of the youth for 4 minutes of a song. Why would I promote wrong if I'm not supporting it?
They believe that I forfeited: He's the prophet that lost it,
Used to praise God at his concerts. Helped me defeat my monsters,
Now he's a guy to take shots with. Smoke pot with.
Coward, loser. quitter. liar. backslider.
Oh my dear God
I'm so sorry...
I think I'm falling...
I think I've fallen...
When i meet a good person. There's nothing more powerful to me, cuz it's so rare to find a good person!
They wanna read me verses, on fire and they still so thirsty.
I take it personal then I'm cursing 'em cuz I'm mad cuz I remember the time I was a good person!
Who spit good verses. have mercy! Through you we saved many!
When I wrote third man, you were sad because you knew that soon I became benny...
Only to live it up, avoiding my Nineveh.
Now I feel further then a murderer that’s never heard of ya.
Lord I'm burning up with a question...
How much have I
Compromised, compromised?
But better yet
Oh what have I
Not compromised, not compromised?
Track Name: Voices (Interlude)
Get to work 10 of 9
Work your shift from 9 to 5
Button up your whitest shirt
Make sure you put on a tie
Make sure you put on a smile
Black glasses over the eyes
Speak so professionally
Being cynical fits the disguise
Integrity is of the past
The new trend is to compromise
If they’re not buying the truth
Make sure you sell them your lies
Avoid friendships at all costs
Base your life on small talk
Take from them everything
But don’t give up who you are
Stay current with the media
Let youtube infest your mind
Immerse yourself in pop culture
Truth is always televised
Money buys you everything
Family and friends won’t
The only people who disagree
Are the people who are dead broke
Christians always throwing their religion down my throat
Why go to church when I have sermons on my iphone
Never ever chase your dreams
But chase the world’s standards
Never go all in
Play the cards that life hands ya
Family on the other side
Asking me to get it right
Get a job; get a wife
Make some kids; live your life
People all around me telling me that “I am blessed”
Feeling like I have this life and I haven’t even lived it yet
Memories of past lovers
Scars that I have only felt
Paralyzing me from
Loving anybody else
God why’d you disappear
I heard that you never fail
Is our prayers
Like messages left on your voicemail
Accumulating with no answer
Track Name: Voices
Vs. 1
These voices come in like thieves
And break into every part of me
I’m somewhere caught in between
Of the things I now hear and the things I still believe
Won’t someone show me the way
To your voice of truth and grace
I’m stuck here on my knees
Begging to be free, begging to be free

Ooooooo (2x)
These voices sing

I’m so haunted by
These thoughts of mine
These thoughts of mine
When I
Make it too loud to hear
Would you be the loudest here?
Would you be the loudest here?

I’m gasping for the truth
I’m choking back these tears
I am now drowning in my own pool of lies
You silence all my demons
Your love’s the final plea
These voices disappear when your cross speaks of what you have done for

When I make it too loud to hear
Would you be the loudest here,
Would you be the loudest here
Track Name: This Time I'll Stay
Vs. 1
Dear Mom
The black dye that covers your white hairs
It breaks my heart when you crawl up these stairs
The wrinkles on your hands
Tell me once again, again
Of the price you paid to get our family here.

Vs. 2
Dear Dad
What demons have you wrestled in your mind?
Only God knows all the dreams you’ve sacrificed
How much of yourself did you let die,
To ensure that our family has life

Yet I’ve spent countless days
Where I’ve tried to stay away
From the fact that you are getting old

A coward I’ve been nonetheless
Who’d rather live in my regrets
Than embrace all the love that you have shown

Yet each night you call for me
10 missed calls on my screen
Asking what time I’ll be home

Mom, Dad, I’ll be home.

For to love is to not turn away
For to love is to not turn away
For to love is to not turn away
This time I’ll stay
This time I’ll stay
Track Name: Gratitude
Don’t give me more
Don’t give me less
But give me a heart of thankfulness
Fill my heart deep with your truth
That it may burst with gratitude

Vs 1
How can we say we’re blessed but live our lives so cynical?
Don’t need to rise from the dead to see we’re living miracles
If you forget your blessings, take a second, and do the math
For every gift that you can give is a gift that you first had
So let’s take a look back to the fine print written in our years
Through all the joys and struggles that paved the road that got us here
That got us from drowning in our sins to our knees down in prayer
Pointing us to the one true hope! That our God was there!
That our God was near, that He was close, that when we spoke our God listened
To every story of sorrow that never should have been written
He carried us bearing the marks of His love and pain
That though the seasons change, our God remains the same
While we were dead and faithless, our God was ever faithful
What was impossible for man, a slaughtered lamb made it able
So may we praise our God who died so that we may live
Not wanting more, but finding joy only in our king
And so we shall sing

Don’t give me more
Don’t give me less
But give me a heart of thankfulness
Fill my heart deep with your truth
That it may burst with gratitude

Vs. 2
So while I'm living in this life of mine
Help me see through different eyes
Help me see that God is good
Even when this life is not
Whether you live it up
Or you’re straight grinding
Whether you are holding up
Or you’re barely surviving
Keep on smiling
Clouds, don’t mind them
Get your eyes off
Your own darkness
See that His sun is shining!
A love so timeless
A hope so bright that His hope is blinding
Lord remind us
Let scripture sing
Of the king
Who gave Himself to give us everything
The king who was broken on the alter of love
Is the same hope that died to put hope in us
So may we see that we are rich when we are found in His blood
Let the poor now say “I have more than enough”
Let the rich now say “I’m not defined by my stuff”
But I’m defined by His grace, and His grace do I trust
Track Name: David's Cry feat. Sarah So
Vs. 1
You come against me now here with your spear and sword
But I come against you in the name of the mighty LORD
The great deliverer, the hope of Israel’s people
The light that shines in darkness against every type of evil
And though you stand as a giant
Remarkably named Goliath
And has our whole nation trembling to their knees in silence
Should I fear you like my people saying that our end is near
Or should I listen to my heart that says that my God is here
And if my God is here
Let me then make it Godly clear
If my God is for me of whom then shall I fear?
Shall I fear your throne
Or the weakness of these bones
Or should I fear the God who will crush your head through these sticks and stones
And through my weakness, He will make His glory known
And show the whole world that my strength comes from Him alone
For He alone is the living God
So fear the evil in these people, I will fear them not
So on this holy day
On this sacred ground we dwell
The world shall finally know of the God here in Israel
So win or lose, I know He holds the greater plan
Dare come as great you are for I come with the great I am

Psalm 121:1-2 (adapted)
I lift my eyes up to the hills- Oh where does my help come from
My help comes from the mighty lord, the maker of us all

I, too, have my own giants
Unconquerable Goliaths
I, too, have many sins
Sins that have left me dying
Sins that have left me cold
Feeling apart from you
Feeling like Israel
About to be conquered through
But you, Oh king of Kings
Stepped down from your throne
You stepped down from the heavens
To this place that we call home
You did not come in stature
Dressed fully in your glory
But you came despised by man
Like David in this story
You rose up from the crowd
You stood before your people
Same folks who spit on you
Mock you then would come to beat you
You stood before their goliath
Looked at him in the eye
You said “They shall live
Today their sins shall die”
You came to fight for us
On our own battlegrounds
You took up our own battle
Like it was your own battle now
You did not face goliath
With sticks or stones to fight
But you came with a cross
You fought him with your life!
So we now call you savior
Our wonderful maker
Our living breathing king
Victorious creator
Defender of His people
All people come and praise Him
The prophesy of old
Jesus you’re the greater David
Track Name: Is Anyone Out There? feat. Andrew Ha
Vs. 1
My name is Dave Bak
Not Dave Back
Hopefully this music reaches where your heart is at
Oh where’s my manner at?
Reach through the speakers
a firm but gentle handshake
Yes, nice to meet ya!
My world is on fire
I can feel the flames
Been praying in this drought
But I don't see the rain
If I'm no longer a slave
Then tell me about these chains
We may share the same story
But are we on the same page?
In the same verse, in the same song
Do you live these words
Or do you sing along?
I’ve spent countless nights trying to right my wrongs
I usually hold back but tonight I’m gonna write them all
I’m gonna write it raw
Call it the sushi session
Whether people think I’m moving forward or digressing
I’m going crazy man
Tell me who I can connect with
Who turned the router off?
Feeling so disconnected

Is anybody out there, out there?
Who’s feeling what I’m feeling right here
Who takes these words to be your own
If anybody’s out there, out there
Who’s feeling what I’m feeling right here
Just know, it’s for you that I write these songs

Vs. 2
How long have I been?
A prisoner within
To what these people say
To what these people think
Let’s make a run for it
This could be our escape
These insecurities can’t hold us
Oh no, not today
Let’s free ourselves from
what people think of you and me
Let’s liberate our chained minds
To come and think differently
Lord let the cross be a statue of liberty
Lord help me think of you
When I fear what they think of me
For I got monsters
Not underneath my bed
But right inside my heart
Right here inside my head
It’s like toy story
The way it works inside
Lord when I leave your house
These monsters come alive
They make me lose my mind
And start to lose control
Turn me into something else
I like to call him hulk
I’m afraid I’ll destroy everything I see and know
Is there any hope? Any antidote?
Track Name: Go feat. Sam Ock
Vs. 1
Can I hear the church and the choir
The gospel is flaming our hearts into fire
And when I say the church I don’t mean the building
I mean to say the church is all of God’s children
And when I say His children I don’t mean a certain race of people
For in God’s eyes we’re all considered equal
But when I say the church I just mean a place
Where sinners are turned into sinners saved by grace
I just mean a people that’s far from being perfect
But are being transformed into His purpose
The earth is screaming out for a savior
May we be the compass that points to our maker
May we be the hands and the feet of our Lord
May we be the change that the world is looking for
Through a dark and cold night may we be the open doors
That the sick and hungry can be running towards
The church that not only feels for their hurt
But shows that they can be saved from their curse
That we are not saved by our own good works
But that we love God for our God loved us first
And He sent His only son
That we wouldn’t be many but many would be one
And that one would stand so sure
For we are the church and the church is the Lord’s.

We will walk with you
In spirit and and in truth
Help us to live
Help us to go

Vs. 2
Do you feel His hope?
The hope of the nations
The hope of the church is the hope of creation
The hope for the lost is the hope for the found
The hope for our future is the hope is for us now
The hope that says that we have a saviour
The king of all kings, the glorious creator
Who saw where our sin would eventually come and take us
So pierced were the hands and the feet of our maker
The hope that says He felt every loss
He felt every thorn on His head, every nail on that cross
The hope that says that Jesus groaned
When for the first time in His life HE found himself alone
The hope that says He bore all our shame
He telt every spit on His face and His name
The hope that says He was rejected
For in that hope God’s people are accepted
The hope that says our Jesus went to hell
For in that hope, in heaven will we dwell
The hope that says He was crushed for you
For in that hope the veil was torn in two
The hope that says He rose from the dead
For in that hope we are called more than friends
We are now sons and we are called daughters
No longer called the judge but we call Him now father
Track Name: The Facebook Song
I love it when you pop up on my newsfeed
I’ll make sure I “like” everything you say
You decorate my wall with smiley faces
And invite all your friends to join my fan page
You inbox me to tell me all your secrets
I’ll make you an admin to my heart
To show you where I keep them

Oh you
Make me want to
Deactivate my account
For facebook
Can’t compare
To what we have here right now
I know
We live in a world
Where technology rules
But I rather share reality with you

Vs. 2
It seems that things are complicated
Or at least that’s what our status says
But I don’t need a notification
To know that you will love me anyways
I think I fell in love with your smile
On your profile
It makes me want to visit you
And log off right now